Cloud Accounting Charter from Nuvem9

Nuvem9 is a location independent financial consultancy that has been built on cloud accounting and cloud based finance apps. We have immersed our own business in the world of cloud accounting as this allows us to best deliver our cloud based services to our customer base. The following is our charter on how we use cloud accounting to deliver maximum benefits to your business.

1. We implement cloud accounting systems to benefit your business not ours

Our primary reason for using Xero is not to simply make our lives easier and increase our margins. We do it in order that your business can spend as little time as possible on regulatory compliance and allow more time for you and us to analyse your financial information and to proactively discuss ways to grow your business.

2. We continually review and evolve in the cloud accounting market

The cloud accounting market is changing rapidly and each week more and more Xero apps are appearing. This strengthens the entire eco-system by introducing new ways to integrate different systems and areas of your business. Our commitment to you is that we will invest our time in assessing new apps and improvements to existing apps and recommend solutions that your business will benefit from.

3. We don’t duplicate any task if it doesn’t need to be

We would be horrified if you were paying us to do work that a machine could do. Yet when it comes to certain tasks that is exactly what some companies are doing with their accountants. Our commitment is that we use our expert knowledge of Xero and cloud accounting add-ons to implement processes and systems that ensure you only pay for our value added advice, and not routine machine level data entry.

4. We explain your figures in plain English, not jargon

We appreciate that the level of finance understanding varies considerably between staff inside a business and across different businesses and sectors. If we are unable to explain your results in terms that you understand and can relate to you won’t gain any benefit from the systems and services we provide. We talk in your language, rather than expect you to learn cloud accounting jargon.

5. We focus on specific sectors that we can deliver the best results in

We believe its important that we can demonstrate expertise in your sector and understand the specific nuances of your business model. Rather than attempting to be a jack of all trades we use our extensive expertise of working in early stage technology and software as a service (SaaS) businesses, creative service agencies and freelancers and e-commerce businesses. By focussing on these 3 sectors we continually extend our knowledge, keep up to date with sector changes and ultimately provide you with the best level of service possible.

6. We want you to feel comfortable talking to us and asking questions

We don’t want to appear stuffy, aloof and elitist. It’s extremely important to us that you can contact us with any queries and its also important that we open up communication channels that you are comfortable with. We have availability on email, Slack, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and good old mobile phones depending on your preferred method of communication and we strive to respond and deal with all requests as quickly as we can to ensure you can make decisions quickly.

If this charter resonates and you want to find out more please contact us today and also feel free to access one of our free ebook downloads here and here.

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