Xerocon 2016 London: Nuvem9 are ready to go!

Nuvem9 are wrapping up work this weekend ahead of our exciting trip to our second Xerocon in London.  We’ve had a great start to 2016 in terms of getting a new range of Xero based services developed and ready for launch, and we’re very much looking forward to getting to Battersea and talking this through with key people.  Here are our top 5 aims for Xerocon 2016.

1. Hear about the new Xero developments straight from the horse’s mouth.

Although we are avid readers of the Xero blog and keep a close eye throughout the year on new feature releases and attend webinars to hear the longer term vision, being there and hearing it face to face first hand is incomparable. We easily integrated payroll last year after seeing the 2015 demos and we are looking forward to getting the new updates this year.  Hearing the wider vision from the Xero leadership is also key to ensure we know what new developments and strategic directions the software will be taking in future years and what opportunities that will present for our own business.

2. Meeting up with our Xero network

Being a Belfast based practice we rarely get the opportunity to meet up with our Xero and Xero add-on contacts and so Xerocon is a great opportunity to catch up. The level of creativity and vision amongst the wider Xero ecosystem is inspiring and provides us with the opportunity to discuss our partnerships in more detail. We’re very much looking forward to meeting up again with our lovely Xero account manager, Diane Holden, plus, amongst many others, the teams at Leap and Market Invoice, David Drysdale at Receipt Bank, Stephen Burgess at Fathom, William Lorenz at Kwanji and of course the indisputable star, Sir Chasealot, aka David Tuck at Chaser.

3. Be creative and learn at Xerocon

After attending Xerocon last year we came away with a very clear vision of where we wanted to take Xero in our practice, what niche we wanted to focus on and how we should position ourselves online to represent that.  Nuvem9 prides itself in being a forward thinking, cloud only business, working with many likewise minded software tools, and with its vast range of speakers from in and outside the Xero family, Xerocon inspires the creative juices unlike most other staid conferences, with many takeaways in terms of how we can position our own services.  There is also the opportunity to meet up with new Xero add-ons, and we have identified some new tools we hope we can learn a bit more about their solutions and develop a closer working relationship going forward.  The full list of exhibitors is available here and we strongly recommend researching in advance who you want to speak to as they will be in high demand across the relatively short space of time available.

4. Try and solve some of our problems

I am sure we are not unique in trying to make the exact operational requirements of our clients fit into Xero and its add-on ecosystem.  We are very creative and love exploring how matching Xero plus 2-3 add-ons can create huge efficiency savings for our client. On occasion, however, we get stuck and Xerocon allows us the opportunity to speak with our peers. Attending last year’s Xerocon and the local roadshow in Belfast taught us there is a huge level of peer support in the Xero network. The opportunity for cloud adoption is so wide that competition is still relatively low; most other firms and users are therefore only too happy to share their advice on the day, much in the same way as the forum level of activity demonstrates throughout the year. We’re also looking forward to meeting up with the Bluehub guys to understand more on the bespoke integrations with Xero they’ve been working on.

5. Enjoy Xerocon and use it to reenergise the business

Most of all we are attending Xerocon to take time out from working in the business to work on the business. We have invested a relatively large budget for the business, booked 3 days out of the office, email will be switched off and mobiles will be on silent. This is an opportunity to invest in key strategic business development and relationship building, in a fun and inspiring environment and we will be grasping that with both hands. (It’s also likely to be Jacqui’s last trip before Junior Jac arrives in May so if that is something to get excited about then nothing is!).

Looking forward to seeing you there if you are attending.  Contact either Jacqui or myself on [email protected]em9.co.uk or [email protected] or via the Xerocon app and see you there!

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