A digital revolution for Invoice financing?

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Invoice financing allows businesses to borrow money against the amount owed to them by customers. Normally, this money is loaned by third parties that are specialist financiers, however, there are emerging digital platforms that are likely to revolutionise the Invoice financing industry.

There are different types of Invoice financing: factoring, invoice discounting and invoice trading. While each allows a business quicker access to capital in return for a fee, there are positives and drawbacks like any financing option. However, new online platforms can be used to bypass traditional financiers, and obtain finance from individual or groups investors instead. Examples like ‘Blockchain’, a digital ledger which uses sophisticated cryptographic security and a decentralised database for invoice financing, allows transactions between two parties occur instantaneously, transparently and securely without the requirement for a central single authority or clearing house. By removing these external parties and using technology to streamline the process, transaction fees can be significant diminished, increasing profitability.

While established invoice financiers are available, there are a plethora of new options available.

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Download our guide to how to apply for a range of alternative finance solutions specifically suited to small, growing businesses.

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