3 Ways To Get Business-Fit in 2022

It’s become increasingly apparent that finding a balance between work and personal life is essential for not only happiness and physical health, but for business success too. 

In a recent research report published by one of our Service Partners, Capitalise, they found that 83% of leaders do their best work when they take time to care for themselves. 

The research also found that 64% of leaders want to talk to other business leaders about their shared experiences and challenges, and 77% are feeling optimistic about 2022. 

What’s important is that leaders and their teams want solutions that work for everyone, helping to support both personal happiness and development alongside career development and business growth. 

It all starts with people. Your people make up your business, and your culture is how they behave, move and embrace the business, together.

The exciting part of all of this is the solutions that are available to bridge the gap between people and business, so they work to support each other holistically and not in a segmented approach.

Capitalise commissioned independent research company Censuswide to poll 500 UK-based small business leaders, in December 2021 and produced their Get Fit For Business report.

Getting fit for business is as much about the financial health of a business as it is about the health and wellbeing of the people working within it. Now more than ever, business leaders are looking to find mentors as well as a better understanding of their finances and optimising strategy and tactics.

They’re spending time on self-care instead of just spreadsheets, and building teams that are not only highly skilled but also happy, healthy and motivated to do their best work.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read the full report here.


Getting Healthy In Your Business

3 Steps To Get Business-Fit

  1. Physical-Fit

Promoting physical-fit initiatives at work

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Working from home or adopting a hybrid work-location model comes with benefits of more time without the commute, but without the commute, are we moving as much as we were before? 

And if, like us here at Nuvem 9 for 8+ years, you’re very familiar with working remotely, it’s a conscious consideration to make sure all of the team are taking physical care of themselves – from their home office set up to physical activities.

In a Headspace trends report, 83% of workers said believe their company should offer mental health benefits to employees and their dependents. Importantly, 77% said it’s “very” or “extremely” important that the mental health benefits offered are backed by science.

Here’s our 3 top tips for keeping you and your team physically fit:

  1. Implement a health benefits perks system or platform that your team members want and use, that also enables lifestyle and activities discounts your employees can share with their loved ones.
  2. If your business has a hybrid or full team back in the office, implement a cycle to work scheme so your staff have access to sports equipment for exercise beyond a commute.
  3. Check all employees have the right equipment, from mouse mats to ergonomic chairs, from iPad keyboards to footwear – whatever area of work your staff are in.



  1. Number-Fit

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Tracking the right data and keeping informed by numbers is a key reason businesses succeed in their growth, because they can find and overcome challenges that are raised early and are based on facts, figures and analysis.

These numbers go beyond your finances. They encompass all of your business so you can stay on track, on target and on focus, as a team.

There are many platforms available covering all business areas that can do the heavy lifting for you, so you can generate reporting on different areas of your business at the click of a button.

Here’s our 3 top tips for tracking your numbers:

  1. Make the most out of the right finance & accounting software platforms such as Futrli and Xero to get instant access to your financial health, debtors, forecasting and credit reports.
  2. Invest the time now to save time later. Set up platforms, reporting, ops and processes so you stay informed day to day, week to week and month to month through optimised data collection, reporting and expert intel and analysis.
  3. Ask the right questions from your data. When you have access to lots of data, it’s essential that you’re asking the right questions so your data gives you the answers you need to scale and grow your business and revenue.


  1. Relationship-Fit

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When we’re healthy-fit, our relationships become healthy-fit, too.

81% of Reporting staff are more engaged in their jobs when their leader or manager has undergone mentoring or coaching. 

Businesses also experienced a 48% increase in product and work quality, a 300% increase in business referrals generated and a 71% higher customer satisfaction rate.

(This is some data from a report published by Conference Board and Development Dimensions International).

Healthy relationships start with a healthy you. An increasing number of businesses are investing more in mindfulness, self-care and personal growth initiatives for their staff.  

Here’s our 3 top tips for healthy fit relationships:

  1. Utilise a tech solution that gives access to mental and emotional support whenever it is needed. A solution like Spill app offers resources and training for businesses though Slack or MS, so you can integrate it with ease.
  2. Find a mentor, coach or community. Leading a business requires a lot from you, personally and professionally. Find a mentor or communities where you can share your experiences, talk through challenges and receive the support and guidance you need to show up consistently in the ways you want to.
  3. Work with suppliers and partners who share the same values and culture as you and your business. Establishing these important relationships not only provides business benefits, but it develops long term relationships you can lean on and offers support for everyone to grow.


Healthy Clinic

Building an eco-system that functions for all in your business culture and business growth consistently takes the right strategy, communication and tech that supports and encourages its success. 

We’ve supported many of our clients from the very start of their journey to the sale of their business and beyond, and with our own experience added in, we understand your business health and activity needs to be working for you, for your people and for your business – and this takes a deep dive look at which solutions are more likely to bring the best results.

Would you like us to help you get an honest assessment of your business health right now?

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Together, we can:

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  • Outline a roadmap to optimise the future health of your team and business


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